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Local Partner Development program hosts CSO Engagement Workshops in Jamaica

In June 2017, the Local Partner Development (LPD) program in Jamaica, an Associate Award of the SCS Global LWA, successfully hosted four regional engagement workshops in Kingston, Montego Bay and Mandeville for civil society organizations (CSOs). The purpose of these workshops was to (1) assess the capacity needs of CSOs and social enterprises in Jamaica, (2) introduce LPD program objectives, and (3) initiate broader discussions around issues that civil society faces in Jamaica. These workshops addressed the lack of available qualitative data on these topics from previous online questionnaires and surveys. Two-hundred thirty-nine representatives from 115 organizations throughout Jamaica attended the workshops. Participating organizations were from both rural and urban areas. LPD designed each workshop so that each of the participating organizations would send three representatives, which provided a cross-section of staff members from the participating CSOs and social enterprises, from general membership to executive leadership. Overall CSO feedback on the workshops has been very positive, and LPD will continue to meaningfully engage these organizations and others as the project progresses.