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Our work

The SCS Global LWA strengthens civil society and independent media organizations around the world and infuses participatory approaches, social inclusion, transparency and accountability principles in all development sectors.

The SCS Global Leader Award manages a Research and Learning Agenda to identify and test effective interventions and tools to strengthen civil society and independent media and to create evidence-based resources for development practitioners. SCS Global Associate Awards provide support to USAID missions and operating units on projects that, for example:

  • Strengthen civil society and media organizations’ capacities to advocate for and participate in creating a more enabling legal environment for their work;
  • Strengthen civil society and media organizations’ capacities to operate effectively in closing spaces and to adopt context-appropriate ICT safely and effectively;
  • Support civil society organizations’ work mobilizing constituencies, promoting democratic culture, empowering marginalized populations, and promoting government transparency, accountability, and access to information.
  • Provide capacity development assistance to improve their core institutional capacities
  • Assist civil society organizations in integrating DG principles into their work in other development sectors

Research and Learning Agenda

In 2016, SCS Global launched a consensus-building process modeled on the Rand Delphi technique to select the most critical and timely topics by engaging a pool of experts from all regions of the world, representing program administrators, local democracy specialists, and relevant academics and technical experts.

relevant academics and technical experts.We anticipate that preliminary research will be available to the public near the end of FY2017.


Coming Soon: Programmers Manual for Selecting Capacity Development Approaches