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10 Steps for Managing Subgrants

Presents a brief, field-friendly summary of USG guidance for awarding, administering and managing NPI grant awards in 10 concise steps.

100 ways to Energize Groups- Games to Use in Workshops, Meetings and the Co

Resource describe ways to encourage participation with a compilation of energizers, icebreakers and games that can be used in workshops, meetings or a community setting.

10خطوات لكسب التأييد تحويل التحديات الى حافز للتطور

 عشر خطوات أساسية لكسب التاييد وتحويل التحديات إلى حافز للتطور، مثل تحديد الهدف، وتثقيف النفس وتطويرها، وبناء الذات، وصياغة الرسالة وخطوات إرسالها ومراقبة تأثيرها

13 Управление программой - Использование плана работ в качестве инструмента

В электронной газете рассматривается, как использовать свой план работ для проведения проекта.

A Facilitators Guide to Participatory Workshops with NGOs/CBOs responding to HIV/AIDS

Resource provides tips for facilitating participatory workshops; International HIV/AIDS Alliance

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A Guide to Budget Work for NGOs

Useful guide for those relatively new to budget work from the International Budget Project; Isaac Shapiro, Stephan Falk; International Budget Project; 2001

A Guide to Conducting Reviews of Organizations Supplying M&E Training

This Guide provides a framework for assessing the quality of M&E training currently provided in a country. Useful for governments, donors, and training organizations.; Marie-Helene Adrien

A Guide to Monitoring and Evaluation of Capacity-Building Interventions in the Health Sector in Developing Countries

Guide describes how evaluations should be used to test the theories and assumptions on which capacity-development programs are based, to document their results and to draw lessons for improving future programs.