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Gestion Financière - Comprendre les Obligations Préalables et Postérieures

Présentation qui explique le contenu du document OMB Circular-A-110, les exigences de l’USAID pour traiter les constatations préalables à la subvention et les actions minimales nécessaires pour gérer efficacement une subvention - FRANÇAIS.

Spot On Malaria- Guide to Adapting, Developing & Producing Effective Radio

Guide provides information, tools and resources on how to create, test, produce and place radio spots for those with little or not radio experience. This version features malaria prevention and treatment messages.

Social Responsibility

Article by Dr. Ariyaratne

Smallholder Dairy Development- Lessons Learned in Asia

Document provides guidance to dairy stakeholders as they examine opportunities for sector investment and development; t further links decisions from the policy side to those influencing on- and off-farm issues related to enhancing efficiencies and returns from dairy value chains.

Semi-Annual & Annual Report Template

These are tools developed to provide assistance with Program Management.

Selection Memorandum

How to write a memo justifying the selection of supplies or services to be subcontracted, includes template.

Selecting Indicators for Impact Evaluation

UNDP issued paper that explains the importance and use of indicators in reviewing and managing a program.