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Accord de Coopération - Parties et Clauses - PowerPoint Présentation

Cette présentation décrit les conditions d’un accord de coopération de l’USAID, les parties prenantes et les articles clés - FRANÇAIS.

Accord de Coopération Exemple

Document is sample Cooperative Agreement between a recipient of U.S. Government funds and USAID - FRANÇAIS.

Action Planning Toolkit

Civicus Action Planning Toolkit; Janet Shapiro; Toolkit

Administrative Office Closing Checklist

NPI Global Close Out Meeting Session Six Handout on Checklist for Closing Out an Office Administratively

ADS Glossary

Document is glossary of ADS terms - ENGLISH.

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Advocacy Action Plan Instructions

Information on preparing and submitting your draft action plans for the June workshop

Advocacy NETwork News, Vol. 1, No. 2

Newsletter contains special section on utilizing a diverse cabinet of leaders to bring a movement closer to optimum gains and successes.

Advocacy Resource Handbook

Handbook provides tools and a conceptual understanding of advocacy to enable social justice advocacy participants to work toward overcoming resource disparity and achieving gender equality.

Advocacy Toolbox

Toolbox is designed for small organizations with limited funds and is split into two sections: one on advocacy planning, and one on tools.

Aliança Global de Desenvolvimento

Documento USAID que descreve como o modelo GDA pode funcionar para a Comunidade PVO/ONG – PORTUGUÊS.